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Quill Single-Pointed Knitting Needles 30cm - Cast On a Few Yarns & Supplies

Quill Single-Pointed Knitting Needles 30cm

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Quill Single-Pointed Knitting Needles 30cm

Quill knitting needles are made from a casein-based plastic from milk, which results in a pale plastic needle that is more flexible than wood. The slight bendiness of the needles makes them kind to sore, tired or arthritic hands.

Quill 10mm needles available here in 25cm length and other sizes here in 35cm. Other sizes available in the Addi straight aluminium needle range here in 35cm length.

NOTE: Quill knitting needles are no longer under manufacture so stock availability is limited.

  • Available in multiple sizes:
    • 2.75mm
    • 3.00mm
    • 3.25mm
    • 3.50mm
    • 4.50mm
    • 5.00mm
    • 5.50mm
    • 6.00mm
    • 6.50mm
    • 7.00mm
    • 7.50mm
    • 8.00mm
    • 9.00mm