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Individual Beginner or Technique Lessons

One-on-one personalised knitting/crochet lessons for beginners, or for experienced knitters/crocheters with specific project issues.


$35.00 – $81.00 per person


30min  –  1h


Bookings available Monday/Thursday mornings and Monday/Thursday evenings

About this experience

Individual Beginner or Technique Lessons

Learn to knit or crochet one-on-one with an experienced knitter/crocheter and teacher.

One-hour beginner lessons, available Mon/Thurs mornings 9.30-10.30 and 7-8pm Mon/Thurs evenings, are suitable for anyone who can hold and manipulate a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook. (Remember, everyone learns at a different rate, so you may need to book additional lessons.) Please note that a half-hour lesson will not be enough time to learn as an absolute beginner.

Half-hour bookings are suitable for those who may be more experienced, but who may need help with a specific knitting or crochet issue or to learn a new technique. Feel free to book a one-hour experienced lesson if you feel you will need more time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 11.30am slots are only for half an hour. A half-hour booking may also be made in the one-hour slots. Please double-check that your one-hour lesson has been booked in a one-hour slot.

If you are booking your first beginner lesson, we recommend selecting the "Lesson + Beginner Knitting Kit" or "Lesson + Beginner Crochet Kit" option. Please note $81 includes one-hour lesson plus two balls of yarn only - knitting needles or crochet hook are additional as there is a choice of needle/hook. Please specify your preference of yarn shades.

There are two types of knitting needles offered in the kit; please select the knitting needles you would like. Straight Quill knitting needles are in the basic kit. Addi Novel square knitting needles are recommended for those who have difficulty holding needles (e.g. those with osteoarthritis or other hand coordination issues).

Similarly, two crochet hooks are available: Pony hook for the standard kit, and Addi Swing crochet hook for those needing an ergonomic option for hand coordination issues.

  • $65 per 1-hour personalised lessons

  • $35 per half-hour lesson

  • Choose to have your lesson at Cast On A Few (COAF) HQ in Titirangi, or in your own home (or alternative venue) if you have mobility or transport issues. NOTE: Travel costs will be additional and will be billed separately.

  • At COAF HQ, you can have full access to the shop - squish the yarn and check out the accessories

Your Host

Janine is the owner of Cast On A Few. She is an avid handcrafter of many years, and many handcrafts! Yarn is a passion of hers and knitting and crochet are among her favourite pastimes. She is a qualified teacher of people with various physical and learning abilities.