Individual Lessons


  • If you learn better with a little more individual time and attention, our 1-hour personalised one-on-one lessons are for you. 

  • If you already have some skills but need help moving on with a pattern or project, we can help with that too in a half-hour session.

  • BOOK YOUR INDIVIDUAL LESSONS HERE. Please also fill in the contact form below with additional details.

Nuts 'n' Bolts...

Fees Guide

Knitting or Crochet

  • 1-hour lesson (recommended for beginners):
    • $65
    • +$18 for knitting materials kit; OR
    • +$16 for crochet materials kit (optional)
    • + travel fees (from Titirangi).
  • Half-hour lesson (suitable for specific skill learning with one-on-one guidance):
    • $35
    • + travel fees (from Titirangi).

Materials Kit (purchase at first lesson):

  • 2 balls of Naturally Loyal 10ply pure NZ wool yarn (your choice of shade - lighter shades recommended for beginners)
  • Quill straight knitting needles 5mm OR Pony aluminium crochet hook 5mm (Note: specialty products are available at additional cost if holding/gripping tools is difficult. Please let us know if this is a consideration in the contact form below).

How it works:

We will come to your home (or you can come to our Headquarters in Titirangi)

  • in the Auckland region (restricted to West/Central areas at present). This doesn't necessarily have to be in your home, but it should be somewhere you feel comfortable and can concentrate, preferably uninterrupted.
  • A cafe is fine instead - but be aware that the cafe will often require you to buy something to be in there for some time, and other customers can be distracting as well.
  • If you prefer, you can come to our cosy COAF Headquarters instead (and save travel fees).

We will bring all the materials you will need

  • Or, if you already have your own materials, you can use those. You just need to be present and enthusiastic!
  • Remember - good quality materials are easier to use and produce better quality products.
  • A notebook is highly recommended for lesson notes (they can be written in for you if you like).

Fully inclusive approach to teaching 

  • We have experience in teaching craft (and other) skills to people with a wide range of learning abilities, including those with special needs. 
  • We teach at the rate you learn, so lessons are structured around where you are at in your learning.
  • This means if you are interested in learning and have the ability to hold and use knitting needles or a crochet hook, we will do our best to find a way to help you learn some basic skills.

Please complete the contact form below and we will get back to you with a quote (largely dependent on travel requirement). Please provide as many details as possible including:

  • What you would like to learn - write KNITTING or CROCHET in the first line;
  • Where you would like to have lessons (including the address - so I can advise travel costs up-front);
  • Who the lesson is for;
  • 1-hour or half-hour lesson;
  • Whether you want materials provided (and the shade of yarn you'd like);
  • Any specialty tool requirements.

We will be in touch soon to discuss how we can help!

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