Beginner Group Classes


Beginner Group Classes are held at our COAF HQ in Titirangi every Tuesday 9.30-11.30am.

  • Email or send me a note in the contact box below if you're keen! (This is just so classes don't get too big.)

  • Please note: These classes are suitable for those capable of independent group learning. If more focused, one-on-one tutoring is required, please consider our Individual Lessons option.

Covid Notes:

  • As an education provider, we are fully vaccinated.

  • Masks are required to be worn throughout lessons please.

  • Please be prepared to show your Vaccination Passport (or exemption certificate).

Nuts 'n' Bolts...

Fees Guide

Knitting or Crochet 2-hr Classes

  • Beginner group classes: $20 per person, per lesson. 
  • Materials kit (available to purchase at your first lesson):
    • $18 for knitting kit; OR
    • $16 for crochet kit
  • Please note - if you'd like lessons at your home for you and your friends, travel cost (from Titirangi) will be additional.

Materials Kit:

  • 2 balls of Naturally Loyal 10ply pure NZ wool yarn (your choice of shade - lighter shades are recommended for beginners)
  • Quill straight knitting needles 5mm OR Pony aluminium crochet hook 5mm (Note: specialty products are available at additional cost if holding/gripping tools is difficult. Please drop us a line if this is a consideration).

How it works

What you get

  • fun lessons in your chosen craft, as many lessons as you need to learn! The 2-hour session time gives you time to actively learn a skill and also practice it with some guidance.

Materials provided...

  • so just bring yourself and your enthusiasm to learn! We can provide the yarn and needles or hook - available to purchase at your first class.
  • You can, of course, provide your own materials (see list above). Remember that better quality products are usually easier to use and produce better results.
  • If you have difficulty holding or gripping needles or a hook (perhaps a touch of arthritis), we can provide specialty tools to make it easier for you - although they are more costly than the standard ones provided. Please drop us a line and let us know if you will need specialty tools.
  • And there'll be a free cuppa - always a cuppa!

Your place or mine 

  • Come to our cosy HQ to learn on Tuesday mornings 9.30-11.30 by yourself or with a friend, or invite your friends to yours and I'll join you there.

Small class size

  • I try to limit classes to 4, so I can give you the individual attention you need. Rally a few friends or come along on your own and meet someone new.

What will you learn?

  • How much you learn depends on your own individual rate of learning, so I'll teach you at the rate you learn. There's no point in having a lesson on learning different stitches if you haven't first mastered how to cast on a few!
  • I will cover casting on, basic knit (garter) and purl stitches, and some of the simple patterns you can achieve combining the two. Also some basic info on yarn types and pattern-reading. 
  • By the end of the fourth class (and some good, focused, individual practice at home), you should be well on your way to making your first sampler-style cowl. I am a firm believer that yarn should not be wasted, even when you're learning, so I aim to help you to make a first garment you'll be proud to wear and say you made.

And then what? 

  • Keep coming to lessons and learn some more advanced skills if you like.
  • You can join our weekly Knitting and Crochet Circle, where you can practice your new skills, and meet and share ideas with other crafty yarnies. 
  • You're also most welcome to sign up for a few individual lessons if you'd like to brush up on your techniques with some focused one-on-one guidance.

Drop us a line below with any questions!

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